CRACK LIST gives the all-time childhood favourite a cracking new spin by turning it into a fun and unique card game!

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The game that even unenthusiastic players love 🤝

Even those who generally loathe playing games keep coming back for more 😂

The crack-you-up Categories card game

Everyone has fond memories of playing Categories and racking their brains for first names, professions, countries or cities. CRACK LIST gives the all-time childhood favourite a cracking new spin by turning it into an exciting new card game you can play with family or friends. 



Object of the game

Be the first player to get rid of all your cards!

The rules really couldn’t be easier: a category is chosen from the list to get the game started, then players take it in turns to get rid of their cards by coming up with answers that start with the same letters as those on the cards in their hand.

For example: If the category is “Famous female singers”, you could say: A for “Adele”, B for “Beyoncé”, C for “Céline Dion”, and so on.

The first player to successfully get rid of all their cards has officially cracked that category and wins the round. It’s as easy as that! Well, almost... An ACTION card could be played at any time, turning the whole game on its head!
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A game dreamed up by a father-daughter team

We’re the Faucons, and our two-parent, four-kid family has always had a passion for playing games.
Who’s getting the last piece of cake, who’s sitting next to who in the car, who’s taking out the bins... in our house, absolutely everything gets decided by quizzes, guess the tune or a quick round of rock, paper, scissors! Disagreements, laughing fits, attempts to bluff, blatant hypocrisy and ridiculous debates have always punctuated our weekends, evenings and holidays.
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