Dirty tricks, just like in Uno! If you love challenges and low blows, CRACK LIST will be right up your street!
There are various penalty and action cards you can play, including STOP, REVERSE and SWAP, so absolutely anything goes when it comes to getting your opponents to crack!
There’s nothing quite like a quick game of CRACK LIST to help everyone relax after a hard day in the office, whilst sipping aperitifs or even after a heated dinner time debate.

The must-play card game that’s always a winner.

For 2 to 8 players, it is the perfect card game to play as a small group or with a crowd when spending the evening with friends, at big family get-togethers or during post-work drinks with colleagues.

Lots of laughs guaranteed 😂
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Be the first player to get rid of all your cards.

The rules are easy: a category is chosen, and each player starts the game with 8 cards in their hand. One card = one letter, and your answer must start with the letter on your card.

There are hundreds of unique, controversial and poetic category lists to crack in order to win the CRACK LIST crown. 👑

The game is accessible to all, meaning everyone has the chance to find answers and walk away a winner.

It also gives you the chance to wind up your friends by handing them your trickiest letters, but be prepared to end up with egg on your face if they end up cracking your favourite category!

The first player to successfully get rid of all their cards wins. It’s as easy as that! Well, almost... An ACTION card could be played at any time, turning the whole game on its head!
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If you’ve played the category list cards to death and are keen to inject some fresh excitement into your games with over 1,000 new categories, the CRACK LIST PARTY app is for you! Soon available, stay tuned
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For years, card and board games have provided an excellent way of getting people together to have some fun, encouraging children and parents, colleagues and groups of friends to have a good time together.

Unlike solitary games, such as video games played on tablets or consoles, card and board games encourage human interaction.

Playing card and board games is beneficial in a number of different ways. Players spend quality time in the company of their friends or family, helping strengthen existing bonds. Players also develop their sense of team spirit and their ability to help others by communicating and interacting with the rest of their team. Playing card and board games as a family can also help improve an individual's reasoning, logic, memory and attention. This is especially true for children.
CRACK LIST is a brand-new game that is perfect for anyone who's a trivia lover.